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Mounts Ararat and Aragats

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Mounts Ararat and Aragats


Mountains   are   very   special to Armenians, particularly Mt Ararat and Mt Aragats.


Mount Ararat is a biblical mountain. It is believed that Noah's ark landed here after the Great Flood and the dove brought the olive branch heralding that the water had receded. One can see the real beauty of Mt Ararat early in the morning when there is no fog or cloud over it. People say it is like a bride who seldom unveils her face to strangers. It is 5,165 meters high.



Mount Aragats is the highest mountain on the present-day territory of Armenia. It has four peaks, the highest of which is 4,090 meters.

There is also a beautiful lake in the concave.

The mountain is of volcanic origin. Its beauty has been a source of inspiration to poets and artists. But it is the brilliance of the flowers and their number that are most remarkable about Aragats.


There is a legend about these two mountains. The legend tells that they were two sisters who didn’t' agree on which of them was more beautiful. The old Mount Maruta came to settle the quarrel. Finally, he got angry and said that Ararat would be covered with fog and clouds so that nobody would be able to climb its top, and Aragats was doomed to weep all her life. From her tears the beautiful lake Kari Lich was created.

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