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User manual

How to change the language of the website pages

The website uses 4 languages to display the pages:

  •      Armenian
  •      Russian
  •      Englishwoman
  •      French

Each language is represented by its flag on the page, top and right.

To change the language of the pages, simply click on the flag of the corresponding language.

Click here to see video

How to create a user account

1) - What is the utility to have an user account ?

A user who has created an account can:

  •      Write articles to add to the database
  •      Add photos, recipes, videos, Youtube musics or documents
  •      Write comments on articles, photos, or other items
  •      Receive notifications from the team
  •      Discuss with the team to suggest improvements

A registered user can create their own Blog, make it Public or allow other users to access their Blog.

He can also register for the Meeting Space.

A registered user is a collaborative user participating in the enrichment of the Database.

The creation of an account is free, without payment for the duration of use of its account.

2) - How to create your account

If you are not registered yet, you have three possibilities to create your account.
You can choose one of the three possibilities shown by the video -
click here  to see video.

click here to create an account

3) - Main information of a user account

A user's account consists of the following data that will allow the user to log in and identify him in his articles, comments, adding photos written to the database.

The identifiers that will allow the user to connect:

  •      E-mail address: it must be unique in the database
  •      Password: it is chosen by the user and can be modified

The data allowing the user to be identified in his additions of articles, comments and other items in the database are:

  •      Pseudonym: it must be unique in the database
  •      Last name and first name

For each article written, the user can choose his pseudonym or name and first name to be identified.

4) - Principle of creating a user account

The account is created in three steps:

  •      Entering the necessary information
  •      The sending of an e-mail to the e-mail address entered by the user
  •      Confirmation by the user from the received mail

If you have not received a confirmation e-mail, this means that the e-mail address entered is incorrect. In this case, the email address should be corrected.

Entering information to create an account:   click here  to see video 

E-mail confirmation of the created user account: click here to see video

Click here to create an account

4) - General principles of use of the tool

The website offers many features and services:

  •     Articles sorted by topics, photos-videos-music & documentary, cooking and pastry recipes, wines and spirits
  •     eCommerce
  •     Useful Addresses
  •     Services including: Useful Links, Events and Meeting Space

Each function is composed of pages that are accessible by a navigation adapted to the needs, easy to access and easy to use, a single click is sufficient to access the desired page.

The navigation, which is consistent for all the pages of the tool, includes:

  •     The tabs of the navigation bar, always placed at the top of the page
  •     The navigation buttons, they come in two forms: icon or text
  •     Drop-down lists, often used as a selection criterion
  •     selection criteria
  •     The menu options at the bottom of the page

The site offers a search criteria input area and sort drop down list to sort articles, ads, useful addresses.

All the main functions are listed on the homepage as an orientation point.

The gateway to the site is a page, called Portal Page, with automatic scrolling or manual beautiful photos of Armenia.
A simple click on this page allows access to the homepage.

1) - Portal Page

The page consists of photos that automatically scroll in an established order.
For manual scrolling, two arrows are provided:

  •      The right arrow will move to the next picture
  •      The left arrow displays the previous picture

Click on a picture to access the HomePage

2) - Home Page

The home page is the central core of It contains all the functions and services offered. They are classified by domain:

  1. e-Commerce and Services
  2. useful addresses
  3. Photos & Videos, Wine and Cooking Recipes
  4. History, Culture and Tradition of Armenia

A single click on a button or an icon or hypertext is enough to access the desired object.

3) - Navigation - Instructions for use

The general principles of navigation are illustrated by the attached photos:

Photo 1: Top of the page
Photo 2: Functions & Services
Photo 3: Articles

A single click on a button or an icon or hypertext is enough to access the desired object.

To go back one page, you can use the offered option of your browser. This means is often materialized by a "left arrow".

From all the pages, you can access the "Home Page" of the website by clicking on the corresponding icon, illustrated in photo 1.

4) - General principle of page navigation

The tree structure, or the plan of each function and service offered is in the form of pages usually with three levels of maximum navigation from the home page (Homepage).

The three levels consist of

  1.      Pages List and Gallery
  2.      Detail Page
  3.      Add and Update page for users with an account

The principle is illustrated by photo 6.

5) - Articles - Principles

Articles are one of the major goals of the site.

It is to promote and facilitate the knowledge of Armenia and Armenians: its history, its different arts, its culture, its traditions have developed during the centuries of its eventful history. It's his women and men, artists, painters, musicians, writers, artisans ... who have contributed to enrich his heritage for millennia.

Articles are classified into four categories:

  • Articles classified in several themes
  • Photos
  • Cookery & Pastry
  • Wine & Spirituous

Each category is managed by distinct Forms represented by Pages:

  • List of articles
  • Displaying articles
  • Add or Edit article

Two distinct pages display the saved articles, the Homepage and the Complete list page.

The articles are displayed by theme, the selection is made by a simple click on the desired theme.

Thearticles are sorted by priority (ranked according to interest and importance), then from the newest to the oldest can be also sorted according to three possibilities offered.

Articles can be searched on their titles using a planned function.

The display page of an article consists of 3 parts:

  •      content of the article with its photos
  •      sharing the article on Facebook
  •      comments from users who have an account on the item

For the four categories (articles, photos, Cookery, Wines ...) the operating mode is identical.

The general principle is illustrated by photos 7 and 8.