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Ref ID: 1PE2022/8630 | Posted On: 07-09-2022 | Updated on: 07-09-2022

The view of the city of Ani from the border of the Republic of Armenia

Published by Arthur PIRLIAN
Author: Photo by Vahan Tumasyan

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Ani from the Armenian border. on the far left is the Mother Temple founded by King Smbat B Bagratuni, construction was avoided by his brother Gagik A's wife, Queen Katramide (1001). On the right, on the porch, S. Grigor Lusavorich Church built by Tigran Honents (1215 ), more just at the top of S. Savior Church, built by Prince Ablgharib Pahlavuni (1036 ). Parts of the parispes are also visible.

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