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Handmade scarf or the Art of representing symbols by Liana Rustamyan

Architecture, Arts and Decoration
Published by Arthur PIRLIAN
Author: LianaRustamyan Art
Silk hand painted scarfs

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Source: Facebook Liana Rustamyan
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From Sevan Basin, 12-11th centuries BC. "The model of the Earth-centered system" or "the model of the solar system" found in a prehistoric tomb, made of bronze, is an object of ritual significance.

In the lower part of the object, in the two circles symbolizing the heavenly and lower waters, the sign of the ax is associated with the lightning, the strike of which separates the cosmos from the chaos, and the land emerges from the waters. The diagonal in the center symbolizes the earth and the planet earth, around which are placed the seven planets: the sun at the top, the moon on the left and the five planets: Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn

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