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Garni Temple in Armenia, painting by Hrant Stepanyan.

Paintings of Painters
Published by Arthur PIRLIAN

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Armenian artist Hrant Stepanyan was born in 1918, in Alexandrapol, and died in 1980, in Yerevan Armenia. Graduated from the Art secondary school in 1937, Yerevan, and from the Art academy in 1946, Riga, Latvia. Educated at the studio of the artist professor Arijs Skride, he was oriented towards the method of realism, moved to it by perceiving nature and the truth of life, having the experience of the world art. In a short time he achieves the mastery of clarity and lucidity of colors, universal reflections. Impressions of nature grow more and more sincere, candid and spontaneous, spaces become full of air, human images get well-defined, sharp lines with inner dept. True to the traditions of the national art and to the principles of the world classical art, he carries the conception of the real everyday life with its infinite variety, takes the objective reality of the external world, finds in it the inexhaustible picturesque beauty and confirms by his art the idea – “Beautiful is the Life”. The boundaries of Hrant Stepanyan’s creation are very wide. He has created the canvases of various types, such as historical, genre painting, portraits, landscapes, seascapes, still lifes, revealing equal skills in every genre. Hrant Stepanyan’s element is the portrait genre. His portrait are not only strong by similarity to the model, but are also precise in personal characteristics, deep in essence, carried out realistically, painted in nuances, they differ from each other by art means.

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