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Voskeni White Dry 2014 & 2015
Published by ArthurPirlian
Armavir region
Appelation : Armavir / Voskeni
Year : Alc.: 13%
2014 - Voskehat, Garan dmak, Khatun, Qrditchakat 2015 - Voskehat, Garan dmak
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Presentation of domain

VOSKENI Wines located at Sardarapat, Ararat valley is a family owned and managed winery. Vineyard was founded by our family forefather Smbat Mateossian, a successful businessman from Boston, who moved to Armenia in the early 1920-es. He dreamed of his own winery. Unfortunately, Smbat was repressed and his property was confiscated during the Bolsheviks time. In 2008 we bought back the vineyard full of authentic grape varieties and made his dream of high quality wine come true. The diverse Ararat valley microclimates and the extraordinary terroir create unique conditions for cultivating exquisite grape sorts and producing elegant wines reflecting the 6000-year old rich authentic wine making traditions.

Comments tasting

  • Color: Hints of platinum to golden copper yellow
  • Flavor&Aromas: Fruits( ripe melon, green apple, citrus), Herbals, Spices
  • Characteristics: Crisp acidity, Velvety in the mouth and Full bodied

Advice / Accompanimentt (Dish...)

Food pairings: White meats( fish, seafood), Vegetables, Dessert Fruits

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