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Van Ardi wines
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Presentation of domain

The idea behind the wine.

Returning back to his roots, both physically and metaphorically, founder and winemaker, Varuzhan Mouradian and family moved from California to Armenia. Having fallen in love with wine, he knew he had developed a passion for making wine he couldn't ignore. Van is an ancient capital of Armenia with rich winemaking history, where the families ancestors are from. The winemaker and family named the winery Van Ardi, meaning "sun of Van".

Working with the land.

Nine hectares were plowed to be planted with five grape varieties

Plot scouting.

After scouting various winemaking areas in the country, Van Ardi settled on an excquisite plot in Ashtarak, also an ancient winemaking region of Armenia. The land was bare, and filled with stones and boulders, but its soil type (volcanic), slope, and position, created a tangible terroir that evoked a sense of promise.

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