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Vostan Restaurant by Tsirani

Abovyan St., 8 Building , 0010, Yerevan
Armenia / Yerevan / Kentron
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10:00 - 01:00
Vostan restaurant was opened at 8 Abovyan Street on May 20 2017 "Apricot Complex".
The main focus should be on the building of the restaurant, which is one of the most beautiful buildings in Yerevan and has been built architect Vassily Mirzoyan in 1884. The building is very
for a long time there was empty, without any hope of restoration. The oldest and most beautiful part of the building is right
It is the door to the building where neither the tourists nor the locals are indifferent.
The building of "Apricot Complex" has been repaired preserving its architectural solutions, such as:
staircase, floor mosaic, beautiful windows and other old elements.
The back yard of the building has become a beautiful city
In the center, which has apricot trees, tonir, repaired wooden old Armenian balconies and benches, where, in the summer,  you can spend a lot of pleasant evenings.
After renovation, the building is full of life and continues to remain Cultural heritage of Yerevan.

At the entrance to the little shop of Pregomesh brand welcomes elegant and Armenian historical jewelry assessors. In the lobby of the restaurant, visitors can also buy pottery from Coca-Cola.
The restaurant also offers freshly baked Armenian bread and lavash Baking process can be seen at the second restaurant on the floor behind transparent windows.

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Wifi free
No Smoking Room
Air conditionning
Facility Disabled Guests
Pet Friendly
Night Service
Dance floor
Music live

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