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Rio Galleria

Clothing and Fashion
Moskovyan st. 28
Armenia / Yerevan / Kentron
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Shahen Tsarukyan
Being a gallery for greatest works of art, the store chain Rio is called upon to present collections from first class houses of fashion all around the world. From the first day of its existence Rio has been the official representative for world famous fashion brands. Rio Galleria, founded in April 20 2011 in Northern Avenue 8, is at present at the head of Rio stores chain.
While walking about around Rio you feel like you are in a small city where each district is different from the other but at the same time all of them are connected through the unity of architectural solutions. Taking into consideration the fact that Rio Galleria includes wide variety of trends from worldwide fashion houses the customers of our shops vary from teenagers to adults and middle aged men and women. Here we present the widest collection of everyday and evening clothes. Boutiques are organized in two dimensions, the first ones presenting everyday casual outwear, the second ones classical evening clothes. Each boutique presenting one or the other trend is designed according to peculiarities of that peculiar dimension. And at the end, to summarize all the differences and common things in one, a certain Italian brand was chosen to unite them under the same roof. 

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