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Франция / Марсель
Arthur Pirlian
Founder of Web Site and CEO

In charge of Strategy, Website Development and Management of Business

Lilit Egoyan
Partenaire Associé

In charge of

  •      Business Development, Partnership and Sponsorship
  •      Relationship with Government Services and Commercial Entities
  •      Management:
  •          articles
  •          e-commerce,
  •          Real estate agencies,
  •          Services,
  •          Useful addresses ...

Liza Mardoyan
Business Partner

In charge of

  • Management of Useful addresses
  • Management of Job market and Candidates
  • Promotion of the website

Arman Martirosyan
Business Partner

In charge of

  • e-Commerce : Auto-Moto, Good Deals
  • Promotion of the website

to be defined
Technical Director